Fortune 500 companies, leading law firms, and federal agencies look to us for expert witness consulting and testimony.
Expert Witnesses On-Demand

Expert consulting and witness testimony on computers, software, and IT matters.

Business Intelligence + Research

Market research and custom intelligence that offers a deeper look at high-tech industries.

Strategic Consulting Services

From competitive analysis to best practices, our professional consultants can quickly help get you up to speed.

The Computers Expert Witness Seen By 1 Billion+ People Worldwide

Scott Steinberg - Industry insider for 600+ outlets from CNN tp NPR and Rolling Stone

Computer Expert Witnesses, Consultants, and Testimony

Computers expert witness trial testimony and research by Scott Steinberg, leading software, IT, Internet, social network, and high-tech analyst, one of today's most well-known management consultants, hailed by Fortune 500 leaders as a top trendsetter to follow. Market research, business intelligence, and expert reports available.

Expert Witness Services

Access a network of expert witnesses with extensive backgrounds in computers, software, and IT.

Market Research and Insights

Learn everything you need to know about technology with help from our award-winning analysts.

Patent and Copyright Analysis

Offerings include prior art searches, and IP, patent, and copyright litigation support of all kinds.

Legal + Business Consulting

Our team of consulting experts stands ready to assist with your software- or computer-related matter.

Today's biggest businesses and brands look to us for expert witness insights and trial testimony.
Today's best-known computers expert witnesses and management consultants.

Computers expert witness testimony, research, and consulting for legal professionals.

Discover why C-level leaders and government agencies in every space turn to our award-winning strategic consulting pros for expert insights, commentary, and market research. We help frame complex matters in simple terms, and provide the data you need to put matters in context.

Need computers expert witnesses, or software, IT, and technology pros to conduct review and analysis? Looking for professional communicators you can count on to provide clear and concise testimony at trial? Reach out now.

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Expert Testimony

Testifying high-tech expert witnesses to help make sense of technology and online advancements.


Management Consulting

Access a leading network of experts, including industry analysts and IT pros, to serve as advsiers.


Polls, Surveys, Research

Business intelligence solutions that can help you get your finger on the pulse of high-tech business.


Professional Consultants

Get strategic insight from the top names in the computers, IT, Internet, social network, online, and cloud industries.

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